Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

If it is done well, social media helps driving new businesses, augmenting customer engagement and making the brand of your law firm noticeable in a progressively competitive market. Maxnet Global Marketing takes up the challenge efficiently and put the best effort to make your brand a well-known entity. Our specialty lies with developing great strategies for social media marketing for law firms across the world.

Regardless of whether you are looking to embark on a new venture or needing expert advice to start a new campaign, our team of social media marketing for law firms can help. We offer eclectic services aimed, in detail, at law firms, lawyers and chamber sets with the sole objective to acclimatize individuals and teams with the increasingly permeating social media.

Maxnet Global Marketing help you expand your law firm’s social media pages with content that are professionally designed and implemented. Our wide-ranging services garner genuine social media followers that correspond to your target audience.

Our Step-by-Step Social Media Marketing Management

On-boarding Phase

Once we have helped and guided you choosing the right package, selecting any add-ons and signing up online, you will receive an email right away with our client on-boarding form. It asks you vital questions related to your business and target audience base on social media. Finally, we set up your social media accounts and hand over your login details by making use of our plain-sailing registration process.

Research Phase

We grasp the fact that every client is unique and that is why we devote approximately a week’s time researching and analyzing your distinct law firm business. We explore the impact of your foremost competitors to gauge the most effective social media strategy. Once this data is captured by us, we help you in strengthening your position by creating robust social media content.

Content Creation Phase

Here at Maxnet Global Marketing we fabricate social media posts for your law firm. We ensure to send you a preview of the same before we proceed to make anything live. In case you opt for adding a Facebook marketing budget to your chosen package, we make sure to send a preview roughly 7 to 14 days subsequent to your first social media post going on air.

Monthly Reporting

With a view to making you comprehend the ROI of our offered services, we ensure to send elaborate and insightful monthly reports. These reports bear evidence of information that precisely indicates how many target clients, followers, likes etc. have we been able to generate for your law firm.

Our Service Packages of Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

With our comprehensive and bespoke service offerings in tow, we help you create and expand your social media web pages with content expertly designed by our specialists. We help you amass real social media followers commensurate with your target customer base. Every package takes into account:

  • Increase in Followers
  • Quality Content
  • Round-the-clock Support

Here's Our Frequently Asked Questions to Law firm Social Media Marketing

Why should I use social media?

The world has gone social. Let us face reality. In effect, 30 percent of all time (and still counting) splurged online is apportioned to social media. In case, you wish to show off, social media is the ubiquitous way to do it. Regardless of whether you want to make your brand awareness or sponsored content or a combination of the two draw your customers’ attention, we can help.

Will social media marketing help grow my law firm?

Marketing is all about getting the right message to your target audience and in this context social media will work for you. Even though social media marketing for law firms may not be effective everywhere, but you can gain an understanding if it’s right for you. In some scenarios, not leveraging social media can, in reality, harm your law firm business by not presenting social proof with optimized accounts or through information mishandling. Consult us.

How do I benefit from social media marketing?

Being accessible to your law firm’s existing customers or prospective clients through social media is crucial in fostering long haul relationships with them and providing them support via your sales process.

How much do I need to spend on social media marketing?

It is difficult to exactly determine what the budget of social media marketing for your law firm should look like? In certain premier platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter there are a few limitations on your daily spending. Of course, the more you spend the better results you garner. Paying out a little more can take you miles ahead. We recommend you start with a low budget and test ads to gauge things that work best in law firm branding.

What social platforms should I use?

Even though Facebook is a good starting line, we help understand every client on a singular basis. As each brand has its own uniqueness, determining which platforms to devote time on depends on the dynamics of your client’s target audience, which products/services your business extends to your clients and the objectives you wish to accomplish.

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