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SEO Services in Patna

Maxnet Global Marketing is the leading SEO company in Patna since 2005, we take pride in our search engine optimization work to achieve and surpass our clients’ goals and expectations with constant innovation, transparent operation, and gainful results generation.

Robust Your Online Presence with the leading SEO Company in Patna

Propel your sales to the next level by creating and expanding your online prominence and deriving substantial targeted traffic to metamorphose your company website into a means of expression to powerfully and effectively generate leads for your business.

By resorting to our professional SEO services in Patna, we help you extend the reach to your target audience following an expert and meticulous keyword research. We fabricate visually appealing web pages that help transform your prospects into customers.

We Focus Our Efforts Based on the Following Core Principles

An ethical approach to Search Engine Optimization
An appropriate site structure that is favorable to search engine indexing and crawling
A compelling and relevant content that undergoes frequent updates and enhancement
An all-inclusive and targeted link building campaign

SEO Company in Patna

Our Approach to SEO services in Patna

Committed SEO Managers – Engage with our team of SEO experts in Patna one on one to obtain well-timed updates and constancy in your links.
Flexible Contracts – We do not belong to the class of insisting on a period that stands at a minimum of exceeding 3 months beyond which, it is on your own shoulder.
Custom Strategy – Every business is dissimilar and therefore, each business needs a unique strategy primarily depending upon the standing of the niche competitors.
Concentrated Brand Building – SEO in Patna has undergone a major evolution and consumers who are hooked onto internet marketing in Patna now want to clinch business with reputed brands.
Lead Generation – The greater the number of leads you receive as a business owner, the more is your propensity to sell products.
Increased Conversion – Garnering more visitors is half the battle won. For the other half, we offer a holistic approach to your business.

SEO Services in Patna that We offer for Businesses

SEO Strategy

As a best SEO service provider company in Patna, we meticulously audit every area of SEO to help you continuously improve your Google rankings by infusing the essential decision-making variables into our strategy.

SEO Audit

We help you establish baselines for your existing website’s SEO performance through comprehensive SEO audit and depending on factors governing on-page and off-page optimization and insightful data from analytics.

Keyword Research

We give assistance to you in identifying targeted keywords, which can maximize your website’s online visibility, based on your business goals earmarked in the project briefings and scopes identified from the SEO audit.

Link Building

Our search engine optimization services in Patna help clients in building both internal and external links with their partner websites. This generates more organic traffic that keeps flowing seamlessly without causing bounces.

Reputation Management

We help you enshroud your website’s poor reviews and low scores that are detrimental to your business. We carefully implement your launch campaigns to mend and rebuild your reputation.

Content marketing

We help customer engagement in the form of compelling content like blogs, articles, FAQs, technical information etc. and transform them into brand advocates. We make the best use of your effective content and keep adding more.

Reporting and Analytics

Through pro-active communication, we provide you with weekly organic reports in clockwise precision that carry information about the online tracking of your competitors and other specific metrics.

Local SEO

With local SEO we assist you take a glance at several online local ranking factors that can help your products or services to reach local customers and rank on search engine Maps, at the exact time they might be looking online.

Competitive Advantage Analysis

As a best SEO company in Patna, we execute reverse engineering of your competitors’ online strategies by analyzing their websites, keywords, their backlink profiles, offsite presence, and best practices to grab major market shares.

Our Step-By-Step Modus-Operandi

Analysis and comparison of websites: We initiate our programme with an all-inclusive on-site prediction and analysis to ensure proper commitment to web and SEO technical guidelines.

Interpretation of industry performance: We scan and review the current industry trends and competitor potentials and achievements.

Research on suitable keywords: We participate in your strive to research and fact-find on relevant industry keywords and arrive at the ultimate choice of keywords.

Advice on content: We provide suggestions for improving the quality of the content for your website. Our SEO consultants in Patna also offer exemplary services in SEO content writing.

Link building acquisition: We design and execute a productive strategy for link building that is tailor-made for your business.

SEO Services in Patna

Why Choose Maxnet Global Marketing as Your SEO Company in Patna?

Guaranteed Results – Thriving on your success

Broken promises and wastage of resources from SEO companies can make you sick and tired. Getting positive outcomes with our best SEO services in Patna is not certainly a guess out of nowhere, it is ensured. Our SEO campaigns have integrated KPI guarantee clauses none of which though we have ever needed to implement, simply because we do not disappoint our clients.

Tailored Solutions – Listening and learning

We as an evolving SEO services company in Patna never see two businesses alike. Numerous individual factors, objectives, and requirements need to be thought about when putting resources into marketing and no straightforward cookie cutter tactic can ever obtain the results, which a genuine tailored-made solution can accomplish.

Cost-effective SEO – Catering to any budget

Regardless of whether a large company operating in several countries or a small-scale startups, as an affordable SEO company in Patna, we can render a solution, custom fitted to your budget and business needs that will secure favourable results and generate a profitable ROI. We do not guarantee the world to you but demarcate a realistic forecast in view of the budget, time span, competition etc.

Expert Team – Building your own digital team

Our company involves qualified SEO experts, software programmers, marketing specialists and SEO consultants in Patna who essentially become a part of your company’s team when you forge a partnership with us. A digital marketing team of your own who you can rely upon and swing to for any support, whenever.


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Pages Per Session - Increase

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How much time does it take for a website to shown positive ranking?

You should know, Google constantly changes its ranking algorithms. Therefore, no one can predict the exact time by which your website will start earning high ranks. In addition, just because SEO strategies rely heavily on the functioning of the digital marketing environment, we do not guarantee instant generation of organic traffic for the website. SEO is an inherently long-term strategy and we support you throughout our partnership with you and beyond. You may expect a positive ranking of your website somewhere between two to three months. We usually bid six to eight months to drive your website to the first page of SERPs with our eclectic and efficacious choice of keywords.

Is signing a contract necessary?

Yes, you need to sign a contract with us for at least three months. SEO is all about strategy building and implementation. It also involves meticulous performance observation with time. Patience is key here if you wish to see real results. But you need not worry much as we regularly keep you updated about our strategies and tactics. We advise you not to do SEO for only one month as traffic variations are most likely to occur and show financially rewarding outcomes typically after three to six months.

How do I understand if your SEO services suit my business needs?

You will be happy to know that we customize your SEO strategy after a thorough understanding of your business goals. We implement bespoke SEO to garner the best remunerative results and accomplish your business objectives. Our qualified team of SEO professionals, having sizeable years of relevant experience, monitors and analyzes the different aspects of your website that need improvement. This is done through a comprehensive website audit by utilizing our state-of-the-art in-house tools and technology.

What reports and analytics do you provide?

Our team of SEO specialists generates and extracts weekly and monthly reports. We track each and every report and pinpoint observations and changes which need to be incorporated. The reports primarily depict information on how well your search performance is fulfilled, which keywords need to be targeted more etc. The reports also provide in-depth analysis of your website’s rankings post-launch. It must be noted that as the best SEO service provider in Patnawe consider the precise reporting of analytics imperative to make your SEO campaign successful.

Which industry types do you provide your offerings for?

Our team of SEO experts in Patna is adept in optimizing websites across multiple industry niches both at local and international levels. We provide our services across diverse industry verticals. No matter what your specific niche is, we render value and underpinning by enhancing your online marketing strives with our systematized methodology and proven track record of accomplishment.

What is your mode of payment?

We function and offer our service benefactions on a prepaid basis. Interested clients need to pay our SEO consultation fees a week before we get going with the launch of your SEO campaign. After we generate the invoice and send it across, you can pay in full through checks, deposits or bank transaction. We do our best to make your transaction procedure as effortless as possible.