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Modern Law Firm Website Design

When it comes to law firm website design, our expert team at Maxnet Global Marketing has the competence to render the best first impression to your prospective clients.

Your legal website is a standout among the most efficacious ways to garner leads and buildup new clients for your firm. Our team takes the time necessary to understand in-depth your business goals and the particular legal services you offer with the aim of creating a website that are just fitting to meet your needs. The websites we conceive are completely responsive in nature to ensure seamless viewing across all devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

We Design Bespoke Websites for Lawyers

Look appealing on every device
With the purpose of catering to all visitors to your website, regardless of the device they are using to access your website, having a responsive and mobile compatible lawyer web design is crucial. The buyer journey is rapidly changing with more than 50 percent buyers using smartphones nowadays to research, liken and purchase products/services of their interests.

Are effortless and quick to update
If you have a robust and user-friendly content management system (CMS), bereft of all complex features, it becomes increasingly easy and effective for you to take your law firm internet marketing into consideration and allow your website to scale and evolve with your business. With our trusty WordPress system in place, our team helps fabricate superbly crafted and customized websites for law firms of varied sizes and put eclectic features into action that work best for you. We also impart extensive in-house training to your team on how to update or improvise your website by appending extra information.

Increase traffic to garner more leads
We offer continual support even after your website is launched with intent to make sure that prospects recognize your presence when they need your services. If you have an imprecise online exposure, you remain invisible and fail to gather and consummate potential clients. With a view to uplifting your website’s online presence, there are minor tweaks which your brand may call for. We ensure this action by incorporating ultra-modern law firm web design style and transparent messaging.

Deliver profitable results
Tracking and analyzing results that exhibit the performance of your website as part of a marketing effort by your law firm enable you amass valued insights about buyer behavior and ask for potential leads. This information not only helps decide powerful marketing strategies and boost ongoing sales but also helps obtain a rough estimate about the return on investment.

On the off chance you are not seeking out for a full lawyer web design package or a redesign of your existing website, we also help set up dedicated landing pages to effectuate compelling digital marketing campaigns. They are utilised to bring about effective lead generation and sizeable customer conversions.

Key Elements of a Law Firm Website Design

Even though most companies understand the fundamentals of website design, it, now and then, becomes difficult to grasp where turning next to enhance features will prove fruitful. We help make this process simple in a few critical areas.

Oftentimes, it throws up a challenging task to navigate through a website trying to find out the products/services your clients want to buy. We make your law firm website design simple and plain-sailing to convey a decent imprint to your client and help retain them long-term. When a prospective client pays a visit to your website for the first time, the lesser the time it takes for them to find the information about specific lawyers, their contact information or the services they provide, the better is the chance for the client to convert into your paying customer. The navigable journey must be clear-cut and well-defined with easy to find menus.

We help you utilize user-friendly Calls to Action (CTA) options that give assistance to clients from the very beginning to contact your firm.

Every webpage needs to be appropriately designed with accurate information for every practice area filled in suitably with sub-content for related services. Your website’s main landing page should be lucid and concise so that it does not overwhelm the readers and put them off.

To make an attractive website manifest itself, we help you with the finest quality graphics, image sourcing and photography requirements.

For a lifelong success of a website, excellent speed is a tremendously decisive factor without which you scare away potential users and run the risk of garnering poor rankings by Google algorithms. The technical setup of the website and the presence of numerous big-sizes images impact the website speed a lot because of which proper image optimization is very important.

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Here's Our Frequently Asked Questions to Lawyer Web Design

Do we need to have a meeting to discuss the website design?

An initial meeting is necessary to discuss the site according to your budget and business needs. Once a rough copy of the website is outlined, we upload our work to a private domain which you as a client can only access. We allow you to go through the sketch, review it and suggest changes if required. The site is not made available to the public till it appears and functions exactly in the way you desire.

How much does a website cost me?

Depending on the complexity and degree of customization in the site structure the cost of a typical law firm web design varies. We are glad to talk about your requirements and arrange for a quote any time.

How long does it take for my website to be designed?

The time needed to create a website rests on how complex and customized would you like it to be. In case, you have a deadline to meet, we strive hard to work towards meeting it. Delays are often observed from the client side while submitting the content - text or images.

What after-sales service do you offer?

We offer full support for any law firm website design and make ourselves available round-the-clock. Should you come across problems or in need of fresh enhancements, we extend web hosting and maintenance services.

Does my web design be SEO friendly?

We fabricate every website keeping in mind search engine rankings. All our designs meet search engine guidelines. We also help you do a reassessment of your website on a periodic basis as search engines frequently keep changing their algorithms. This ensures an up-to-the-minute site fully compliant with the revised rules.


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