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Digital Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

Maxnet Global Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency for lawyers and law firms, specialized in web design and development, SEO, social media marketing, and lawyer reputation management.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

Amid this time of unprecedented transformation in the legal sector, the need for increased visibility and instant appeal of your law firm become imperative. In a world driven primarily by consumers’ choice Maxnet Global Marketing has not just come to the aid and abet of law firms in significantly expanding their digital marketing presence but transformed their investment to remarkably gainful outcomes as well.

Everything we carry out for our individual law firm clients is outlined to give assistance to their bottom line in persistent growth. All the steps to their success are considered to be part and parcel of our far-reaching development strategy designed and implemented to help them achieve their business goals.

We are a full-service agency offering comprehensive services of digital marketing for lawyers. We specially operate with law firms and lawyers and provide solid focus in SEO, web design, social media and online reputation management. Besides, we offer other sundry complimentary services with our partnerships aimed solely at the legal sector.

Law Firm Website Performance Audit

Get Real Audits from an Expert.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Get all digital marketing services under one roof from the leading full service digital marketing company.

Lawyer website design

Modern and SEO Friendly Lawyer Website Design & Development that Converts Prospects into Clients

Lawyer search engine optimization

Get Clients by White Hat Best Practices and Ethical Approach to SEO for Lawyers & Law firms.

Lawyer Social media marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing that Speaks Directly to Your Target Audience and Engages Your Potential Clients

Lawyer reputation management

Manage Your Online Reputation and Decrease the Risk of Negative Feedback About Your Law Firm

Online Business Generation for Law Firms Around the World

With our widespread footfall in different parts of the world, we are adept in generating online business for the legal sector. We pull resources with quite a lot of budding niche law firms worldwide. We have proficiency in spawning a good deal of online legal inquiries that help transform your business as well.

Inbound Marketing for Law Firms and Businesses

The foundation of Maxnet Global Marketing is developed on the intent to help law firms grow. Our all-inclusive law firm marketing strategies are delineated to lend a helping hand in increasing the turnover of law firms by catching the attention of their clients and retaining them. Our robust client conversion strategies and periodic reporting render you with a general idea, complete and transparent, about all our activities and empower you to regularly monitor the return on your investment. A tailor-made website that is content rich and suitably optimized for search engines forms the cornerstone of all our inbound of content marketing strategies. A place where your prospects convert into paying customers, a bespoke website for your brand, is the focal point of all your online activities.

Your Business Grows, Our Business Grows with You

Per se, currently, an important part of law firm internet marketing is about ensuring that your firm’s website ranks highly on the search results. Our sole aim is to make your online traffic go through the ceiling, turn that organic traffic into leads and finally convert these leads into a brand-new business. We help you harness the potency of the internet by designing a bespoke online strategy. It actually depends on your foremost practice areas and your plan to target your client base.

What Sets us Apart?

The key differentiator that separates us from our competitors is that we breathe and live in the legal sector. We have a team of friendly and fun individuals who are mostly from the legal background. From ex-practicing lawyers and in-house legal marketers to law graduates and digital marketers, we are passionate to make you succeed in this cut-throat online market.

Legal Clients

We are familiar with what your clients do look for, where do they search law firms, and how do they purchase legal services. Join forces with us, because we understand your clients’ precise requirements.

ROI Focused

We exert substantial emphasis on how to maximize your ROI. Team up with us to enhance your law firm branding, marketing endeavors and bring about long-term sustainable growth.


We comprehend inside out, how the law firms and the legal profession function. We, in detail, identify with the stumbling blocks to law firm internet marketing and its growth.

We help conceive a law firm's online prominence based on the reflection of its identity and deliverables. All our undertakings are intended for the perpetual growth of your law firm.

By collaborating with us, you will:

Amplify your turnover by amassing more clients.
Improve your brand perception by putting an appropriate online presence in place.
Boost your efficacy by carrying out pre-qualifying inquiries through the website.
Strengthen your law firm’s credentials by attracting superior talent.
Implement an easy and highly scalable strategy to bolster your law firm’s growth.

We are thorough-going to furnish first-hand experience and expertise to work within the bounds of law firms. We have an in-depth understanding of how the sector functions and how your clients collaborate. Get in touch with us today to acquire knowledge of how we can help propel your business steadily in the forward direction.

Here's Our Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

We opened the doors of our digital marketing agency in 2005 and have been growing ever since.

How do your marketing campaigns function?

We run our law firm branding campaigns on a monthly basis. Once the preliminary on-boarding is over, you are given an action plan outlining the services we will render during the first month. You can make contact with us at any time, in the course of the campaign by phone or email. Each campaign culminates with you receiving an in-depth report from us that quantifies the results and evaluates the progress made. The plan for the following month is devised by leveraging the data gathered from the previous month.

Do you outsource any work?

Contrary to other agencies, our campaigns for law firm internet marketing are completely in-house. Our team of marketing geniuses works directly out of our offices with a global presence.

Am I locked into a contract?

As far as long-term contractual obligations are concerned, we are disparate from most companies offering lawyer internet marketing services. As we operate on a month-to-month periodicity, we don’t compel you to get contract-locked for a prolonged tenure. We aid you with any time contract cancellation by sending us a properly written notice one month beforehand.

How do I cancel services?

In case, you want to withdraw from using our services, we need a written communication via email or a hard-copy. Agreeing to make us know about your wish for service cancellation enables us to rustle up necessary revisions to your campaign. However, be mindful that on the off chance you cancel our services; you will be charged for the one month prior to which the campaign was finalized.

How do I get started?

You simply need to contact with our seasoned marketing professionals. Then we will bring custom law firm marketing strategies to fruition that call for a mutual sign-off. Once that is done, we get going with the elementary on-boarding and campaign kick-off. All major payment modes such as check, net-banking, PayPal etc. are accepted by us.