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Healthcare firms are believed to be running mostly on word-of-the-mouth publicity. One satisfied patient or members of their families share their good experience with their friends and neighbors, and it keeps on going in a chain reaction favorable to your organization But to keep up with the fast paced world of digitized business, your business needs something more – an extra effort to make sure existing patients keep coming back to you and new ones rely on you for their healthcare.

So what can you do to take matters in your hands and address the same number of people yourself?

The answer is a well-rounded and effective healthcare marketing campaign that covers all elements of the business.

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Our Digital Marketing Service for Doctors

We offer digital marketing services under which falls several essential elements pivotal for the growth of your business. Our compelling strategies drive your business forward, build a strong brand for your name, bring in more revenue, and ultimately help your medical practice grow beyond its initial limits.

Doctors website design & Development

Every doctor needs a fully functional website to be the face of their medical practice. It is what will introduce your business to potential customers and help create a lasting impression on them. We build and design a website that is responsive, fast-loading, and attractive so that when a patient needs healthcare, your name is the first that comes to their mind.


Acquiring high ranks in SERPs is the sure-fire way of gaining new patients for your practice. When a user searches for clinics relevant to your specialization, you would want to show up near the top of the results. A holistic and organic SEO campaign ensures that and therefore provides your business more online visibility and helps build authenticity.

Doctors Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is the next step after search engine optimization. We make sure your clients end up on your website and blog pages. But with conversion optimization, we try to keep the viewers on your website and turn the potential lead into a confirmed revenue. It includes query management via email, SMS or chatbots, tracking successful campaigns and monitoring of reviews published on your websites and public profiles.

DOCTORS Social Media Marketing

The entire world is on social media nowadays. It is a premier platform for promoting your business and catching the eyes of potential customers. It would be a huge wastage to not tap into the potential market that exists on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the help of our top-notch social media marketing campaign tailored to befit your practice, you can successfully harness the business opportunities on these platforms.

DoctorS PPC Marketing

We are a certified Google-accredited marketing agency; therefore, we can help you with pay-per-click marketing on their search engine. We create an exciting and click-worthy advertisement content for your medical practice business and get the most suitable PPC package. With our well-strategized PPC campaign, you can rest assured about getting the most ROI out of it.

DOCTORS Content Creation

Content is the cornerstone of a well-founded digital marketing effort. It is how a business constantly reaches its target audience and engages more people in conversation. It is also a crucial aspect of good SEO practices. We have a team of excellent writers at Maxnet Global who can provide fresh, unique, plagiarism-free content that will be appealing and informative to your viewers.

Doctors ORM

The online persona of you and your brand is just as important as your real-life one. The first thing people do about finding service is looking up online and they tend to believe most of what they see on the internet. If it is not a reputable one, they might go to your competitor and you might lose out on business. So, you must have a fine and refined reputation in the virtual world for the sake of business. We specialize in online reputation management and we will set up a personality that will be favorable for your practice.


Local searches call for an extensive directory listing to be reachable to the market within a few kilometer radii. People put a lot of faith in sites like Yelp, Google Business, and Yellow Pages to find them the best possible local services. We ensure that your medical profile complete with your qualifications, work experience, specialization, clinic address, and all other relevant details are up on all the important directories. This too is a great way to welcome revenue – so we can set that up as well.

Media and Graphics Creation

Using the right images, videos, and infographics go a long way to be remembered by your target viewers. Our graphics team chooses the most relevant pictures to be uploaded for a website, blogs, and social media helps create videos with tutorials and other promotional content and come up with the most intelligent infographics to be included as well

Email Marketing

Although considered to be old-school and obsolete, email marketing can still do wonders if done right. We consider it to be an important part of our physician marketing services and work diligently to make it a success. It can be used to send out invites, newsletters, promotional offers, new updates about features and facilities, so on.

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At Maxnet Global, we take pride in providing nothing but the best solutions for your healthcare practice.

We bring to the table –

- State-of-the-art tools and technologies

- Latest trends in online marketing for doctors

- Years of professional expertise

- Unparalleled technical skills

- Complete value on money spent

- Zero hidden fees and unexpected costs

- 24x7 customer support

With us, you will get all-in-one digital marketing solutions for all scales of medical practice. We start from scratch and help bring your clinic up from the grassroots level. We help you grow and support you all along your journey.

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